2017. It came in on a cold, rainy wind. I have to admit that this is the first year that I did not make any resolutions. However, I have scaled down to tiny living (best thing I have done in ages) with my husband and three pups, and I plan to stress less this year. The seasonal plant job will begin much earlier than usual, and I have yet to write my old-fashioned romance that I had intended to release on Valentine’s Day, but I am okay with that. I have put far too much pressure on myself these past few years, and my health suffered for it. I am in the final edits of Brutal Souls and will release it soon, and am beyond happy with my first paranormal attempt. There are still many more genres to go, but slowly I will get there… Have a fabulous week everyone!


A Southwestern view…


Today, we are finally resting. This is my view from the bar; an inspiring space to write. Laundry to catch up today, then tomorrow get back to writing. Brutal Souls needs edits, and my old-fashioned romance is waiting to be created. A few setbacks such as the refrigerator failing, followed by the hard freeze during which the furnace decided to go on strike, and the incoming fresh water pipe freezing up, are only temporary. The spring plant job will begin in a month or so, but we are happily settled into the tiny living lifestyle. Have an awesome week everyone!

A new year, a new home

Happy New Year everyone! I have been off-grid for sometime now, but I am back! 2016 ended with a huge steamrolling bang, and 2017 is starting off fabulously. Several unexpected events moved up our adventure in tiny living from April to December, and we are just now stopping to catch our breath. We are back on the grid in our Tiny House, and loving it, and it will be some time yet to play catch-up for all we have neglected. Wishing everyone a healthy, wealthy, and happy 2017! Cheers!