Why yes, it is long past my bedtime LOLOL Thanks to the very large Dr. Pepper my husband brought me at lunch, I am still in front of the computer, still wired, and actually getting some work done! Print book formatting is set up, and the cover is in production.Thanks to Steven Underhill for the beautiful creation of the lighthouse illustration that makes the novel complete! Getting chills here, so excited!

Take a look at his work at http://stevenunderhillphotography.co.uk/

Business cards ordered, and final edits ready to type, this book is 99% done baby! Woot! Woot! Almost time to work on the new book trailer, and some exciting things coming up in the next week.

Me and My Bacon is still rockin it! I got lovely sentiments on capturing the ‘mood’ and teen angst of Emerald, and I don’t know whether that is good or not. I’m in my 50s and I still clearly remember those teen years, so maybe I just haven’t grown up yet LOLOL.

I will be off here for a few days, while I crack my own whip and get these last edits done. No more frappucino’s until it is finished…. (yeah, even I had to laugh at that one!)

Have a great week everyone!




Oh, arthritis… Thou art a heartless bitch…
Fingers that once touched the cheek of a precious newborn, held the reins of a majestic steed, played the flute, and typed corporate data are now twisted and swollen. To move out to ankles, knees, shoulders, and now hip is proof of your power… Yet I still will move, slowly, painfully, I will continue.

Frappucino Dilemma

A nice week here, more writing completed, another outline begun, short story submission to the anthology has been reviewed and accepted… The only worry was which Frappucino flavor to choose, Pumpkin Pie Spice, or Salted Caramel Mocha. I couldn’t decide, so I just got both LOLOL (hey, they fit perfectly in the door in my freezer, and an hour on the counter and they are ready to drink!)

I am beyond ready to get some cooler weather, we are still in heat index of 102 most days (heat and humidity combination here) and I dream of a time when we drop into the low 80’s (50’s would be perfect, but a frozen frappe helps 🙂  Have a great weekend everyone!