Moving on

So I now have 6 rejections but 3 were constructive and encouraging. Lots to think about… I understand that tastes and trends drive the market and I know my time will come. Good idea, good flow, no issues with writing style but the public market wants meaty and gritty right now. ­čśŽ Ok. Well it’s cool, I am deep into research and the YA Suspense as well as gearing up for NaNoWriMo. Onward and upward!


Brainstorming- rewrite!

After now receiving 5 rejections, two of which gave a personal encouragement and a list of helpful notes, it’s time to buckle down and revise! I am so thankful for the help on these rejections as it can only make the book stronger! Off to lock myself away and get this done… Motivated! Have an awesome week everyone!

2am novel feedings

Beads of sweat on my upper lip, cool air rushes across my skin as the air conditioner cycles on… Brain begins to clunk and whir to life. It’s 2am. A door opens, filling the space with a golden, shimmering light. The aroma of cinnamon and spices wafts in as Shaney walks into the room….

The last few dimes clinked as they dropped into the metal slot on the front panel of the jukebox. Moist, cold buttons popped as I touched them. C315, D211, A18… I picked the last three songs that played on that night so long ago. With a sigh, I stepped up onto the wooden platform and took my seat. ┬áMy fingers slid softly across the bar. Scorpions, beetles, and other tiny┬ácreatures stare up at me, forever entombed in the thick, clear plastic below my fingers. My eyes watered. ┬áMaybe from the smoky haze or maybe from the sting of regrets surfacing. “Well, well… I didn’t think I’d ever see you in here again,” the bartender said. His deep green eyes crinkled, and the former lazy stubble was now a full, braided beard. Those eyes used to take my breath away, and it took all my strength to not climb over the bar and relinquish myself to him. “Make me something deadly,” I said. Rafe grinned…

Yeah, thats what happened in my brain at 2am friday morning and replayed again this muggy morn. Ah, I suppose the YA Suspense can wait a little longer to be written lolol. Have a great weekend everyone!

So many agents, so little time…

Since most of the beta readers response forms are back with wonderful comments, I made a few tweeks to the book, (minor things, just because I’m picky) and I am in process of searching agents. Boy, that is an all day job! It takes hours to read through the wish lists, find an agent taking Commercial Fiction, and that are open to submissions, then studying the agency website, setting up materials to send EXACTLY what they are looking for because I don’t want to be that one that doesn’t read the instructions. LOLOL It is a slow process, but well worth it in the long run should it be picked up. Should it not find it’s niche agent, then I will continue with the self-pub route, been a great experience! I went on a ‘nerves frayed’ bake-a-thon (it helps with anxiety) and my little freezer is stocked full for the next couple of weeks. Now I have no excuse to not be writing on that YA Suspense! NO EXCUSE! Have a great week everyone!