Busy Monday

Feeling the heat today for sure. Hate it when it hovers on 100 for days on end, no rain in sight. My yard is brown, crisp, and threatening to crack any time now. My old bones despise this weather. I am a snow bunny at heart, and temperatures over 70 are so hard to deal with for me. I finished up revisions on a short story creation for the guild, and I’m loving it! It won’t be long before I will need to gather my thoughts and get ready for NaNoWriMo in November. A Sci-Fi beta reader for a friend over the next few days, I am amazed at the creativity Sci-Fi writers have, world building is so very hard for me I no longer attempt it! Wishing some cool weather and a spot of rain for those of us so thirsty. Have a wonderful week everyone!


Stop the madness!

Running on four hours of sleep in two days… My mind is out of control! While Stephani’s Light is out to betas, Lavender Fugue is taking over. I am struggling to find just the right “Aoife” photo on Pixabay for the protagonist, and while I search, the outline is changing in my mind. Maybe I will sleep tonight…

Melting, melting, melting!

Shew, dang hot here in Texas, and no relief in sight… Well, that’s how summer usually goes but it sure is hard to deal with sometimes! Independence Day has come and gone, and now we begin the brutal reality of 4 more months of summer. The novel is off to the beta readers to process and provide crucial feedback to me, and I am in the midst of the creation of a short story for the anthology for the writer’s guild. My brain is still going a million miles an hour, and story possibilities have overwhelmed me once again. There will be little sleep in my future I fear! Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend, and week to come. Time to pull out the summer jammies, re-stock my chocolate reserves, and maybe even grab a spot of rum. Enjoy the summer everyone!