Lock-in has ended!

My self-imposed writing lock-in is over! The novel is now completed, all 85,937 words of the contemporary fiction are set. Time to do a final read through and check, then off to the outstanding beta readers! It’s hard to come to the end of a work, I feel a sadness when I say goodbye to my characters. It is almost like leaving a friend. There are several more works that need my attention now though, so I must let go. Time for brain break. Have an awesome weekend everyone!


Almost there!

The novel is sitting pretty at 75,000 words after a massive, and very brutal edit. Still a few chapters left to go but feeling so much better about the work! So much has been going on here at the ranch I haven’t had time to write. The outline is set and I just need to get my fanny in gear and get this done! Have a great week everyone!