Life is moving so fast this spring. Seasonal job in full swing, new puppy learning to fit in, and a full social schedule! I love it all, I’m blessed to have it all, and I am having a blast. Afternoon free time is very limited but it is spent doing a full edit on the book. The story is still going strong and I am so pleased! It is coming together much better than I had hoped a few weeks ago! Have an awesome weekend everyone!


Quieter times

The seasonal job is still in full swing, more racks of beautiful flowers and shrubs drop daily and our feet and backs are killing us, but man does it look beautiful there! The new puppy is beginning to learn the routine and is just a goofy child right now, much to my delight. 2nd of 3 Easter celebration weekends with extended families this weekend but I might do a ‘stay in my pjs and write’ Sunday. Have an awesome weekend everyone!

Weekend are for fun!

My grandbabies are scattered about some close, some far away, but this, and the next two weekends are for fun with them to celebrate Easter with each group. Work, travel, and schedules make it impossible for everyone to be in the same place at the same time right now, so the novel is on hold until after Easter. Enjoy this beautiful weather y’all!

New puppy :)

Been a busy weekend. Adopted a young dog from a local rescue and she is sweet as can be. She was only at the rescue for a week and they were told she was housetrained but she is not. That isn’t a problem she is as sweet as can be. I worry that she was abused, she peed on the tile in the living room then looked up, ran under the chair and cowered. Poor baby, we don’t freak out about that here. Our older dogs are trying to encourage her to use the potty pads in the master bathroom (these are small dogs) but she just isn’t interested just yet. In time it will all work out. She is spunky and silly and so loveable. I believe she is going to be very happy here with us! My increasing hours at work over the next couple of months will no doubt be confusing for her, but she has two awesome older dogs to keep her company, a king bed and cable tv. Can’t beat that!