Oooh excitement!

Getting goosebumps again! 52,085 words now, working chapter 22 and loving it! I’m such a nerd! I get so excited to get one more chapter done. If I wasn’t so tired from work I would do a happy dance, but my body says NO! Slowly but surely going to get this book done!


Getting the ‘feel’ right

So frustrated! After a thorough soaking at work yesterday, (I work outdoors and we muddle through rain or shine) we were called off for today. Cool… or so I thought. I planned to continue the edit and then move on to the next chapter creation. My brain appears to have other plans. LOLO  I am loving this novel so far, but the last few additions to the last two chapters have an odd ‘feel’ to them that I can’t seem to correct. It’s as if a different person wrote those sections, and I’m left scratching my head. What was I thinking there? After reworking the additions, I am still unhappy with them. Do you ever just absolutely hate something that seemed so cool at the time? That’s how I feel this morning. Maybe I will scrap some of the additions… what a waste of precious time! Time for a snack, good thing I stocked up on pickled okra, smoked Gouda cheese and lemonade…  Have a great rest of the day everyone! Me and my brain are about to go ’round and ’round here today.

Lock in

Since the spring season work hours have kicked up, I’ve been too exhausted to do more than crawl in my chair and whine LOL I have this weekend off, and I plan to get my chores out of the way then settle into a weekend-long, self-imposed writing lock in. Getting antsy to get moving on the book and I’m hovering just under 50k now! Have an awesome weekend! 🙂


Totally confused now. I understand that there are the ‘Big Five’ publishing houses, then there are smaller publishers, then vanity publishers, then like me, Self-published. But I have found a ton of conflicting information about publishers. I am more confused than ever now. I can see never paying to publish a book. But I hear that some smaller presses do have you pay upfront for the print and marketing and using their contacts to get reviews etc. and that was considered taboo. No clue what to try on this current novel. Wanted to try the agent/publisher route for exposure, but have read so many horror stories I don’t know now! I couldn’t imagine after tons of rejections to get a contract, only to have it sat on and learn they only contracted your book to get it suppressed as they have a big name that has a competing book coming out. Shew… what to do, what to do.

In production

The new novel is at 36,013 words! Slowly but surely… The plan is to have this on final edit early summer and start the grueling process of agent shopping…

Back to work next week for the spring season so writing hours will be limited. Onward and upward! Have an awesome week everyone!

Book Trailers

I recently toyed with creating a short book trailer. I am pleased with the final result but I will do another version later when the book is completed as the first trailer was a trial after research on the subject. I quite enjoyed the final result and had fun creating it! There are free sites to obtain background music with certain themes to add for effect.

I used the movie maker from Windows on my laptop to create and I understand that Mac computers come with iMovie to use as well. There are many how-to sites out there so I won’t be posting one here. Back to work on the novel, getting antsy now…

February writing tips 1

I have some writing tips I have come across and am compiling them for anyone interested.
If you work in Word, you can cntrl+f and type in these words to search the document for them and then delete/replace them with a more appropriate word.
-ly words: get rid of them if at all possible. Replace with a more descriptive word.
-ing words: change to the past tense version
stock phrases: exchange them for a single word wherever possible
redundancies: be careful not to say the same thing in two different ways in the same sentence
thing: replace it with the proper word
There is/There are: Don’t start a sentence with these. Rework the sentence.
Telling words: eliminate them as much as possible. Rework sentence to show the action.
Realized: Drop it completely. Rework the sentence so it shows the character as they come to the conclusion and make it active.
the sound of: Drop it completely. Describe the sound if it is necessary to the scene/storyline.
in (used as an emotion, ie: Lori froze in fear.): Rework it, show the characters reaction, body language, etc to describe the fear or other emotion.