On a roll!

Woohoo! Let the ideas flow! Since 6 this morning, I’ve been typing my fingers off! I love it when the ideas flow free, and my brain is alert enough to follow along. JavaJavaJavaJava LOLO thank goodness for Atkins Cafe Caramel shakes before sunrise… 🙂 Flew through chapter 15, and the outline is updated to match. If only I can keep this momentum up before work kicks in again!



Fresh off a four day stint of a massive overhaul, and the vicious cycle of chop, edit, rewrite, rinse and repeat, I have emerged from my nest with a much better work all around. I got the outline revised and now it flows so much better. I lost over 6000 words but it had to be done and surprisingly, I’m over the moon happy with the result! Now to fill in the areas in the chapters that need added and to continue to write to fill the outline correctly. Write Ho!

Scrap time

I am working on a contemporary fiction and hit a brick wall. While I was sleeping I had an idea, and in order to make the correction I basically have to scrap the current format and start over, keeping elements and certain passages of the current work. ARGH! Have you ever had to totally revise a work that you are a quarter of the way into? Frustrating, but in the end, it will create a better flow. I feel like I have wasted almost a month but I have to revise to get it right. A delay is tough, but not being happy with the work is worse. Off I go, red pen in hand and (ouch), cut, cut, cut.

Helpful sites

Helpful sites for writers:
This list has proven helpful to me in my research. There are so many useful sites out there it just takes time to sort them all.

Publishing information:


Character Creation:

Dialogue etc/ Misc.

Romantic Comedy:


When I failed to beat the competition in a book-publishing contest this weekend, I chose not to view this as a failure. I see it as proof that I tried to do something out of the ordinary. I may not ever be a household name, or to be splattered across a billboard, but I don’t see it as a negative.
There have been many years that I have been too terrified to even attempt something so public. I would have been mortified to try but fail. Something in my thought process changed a couple of years ago. I no longer worry that I am not seen as a success. I have heard from someone I once looked up to, that I shouldn’t even bother, as I am not a ‘real’ writer. This would have crushed me into throwing in the towel not too long ago, but it only served to prove how little that person means in my life now.
I know I am not the only one who is not ashamed to admit that I tried, but didn’t succeed. I plan to continue to try until I take my last breath. I love hearing the success stories, and celebrating with those that have made it. I would love to attain that prize and say, “I made it.” I won’t be sad if I do not however, it is enough that I have the opportunity to try. I choose Joy over Sadness and Thankfulness over Ungrateful thoughts!
Those sad for me can take heart, it is nothing in the big scheme of things and I am happy today that my brain is still cranking out ideas and my fingers are still slowly getting the ideas on paper! Onward and Upward!

Me and My Bacon is available now!

My latest work ‘Me and My Bacon’ is now available on Amazon! This is a young adult fiction e-book.

Struggling to deal with her mother’s indifference, and the emotional turbulence of being a teen, Mera’s world is hard enough already. Her world is turned upside down by her mother’s abrupt decision to rip her from her fast-paced city life in L.A., to the backwoods of Vermont. Can she find a way to fit in and acclimate to her new world without losing who she really is?meandmybacon cover



Kindle Scout Campaign Over

Good morning world! I just received notification that I have not been chosen to publish through Kindle Scout. It was an awesome learning experience and I will definitely attempt it again! Thank you to all who nominated my book, I appreciate your support! Please go use my open slot on your nomination board to choose another worthy book. Support your fellow indie author! Have a great day everyone!