Happiness is…    What? Happiness is what? My ending to that statement changes from one end of the spectrum to another frequently. The ending that has returned time, and time again, is ‘serenity’ and it is again. Oh, I have gone through phases where it would have been winning the lottery, meeting my soul mate, getting a good report from the doctor just once, and trading my happiness for my children and grandchildren to be happy forever. Serenity is still my choice when I have everything I need in life. The job is back in full swing shortly, my writing and posting time will diminish drastically, but I will focus on serenity as my number one goal. The book is outlined and coming together wonderfully so I can relax and prioritize for just a bit longer. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend, and I will be back on here frequently with tips I find, and frustrations that appear. Til later 🙂


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