Happiness is…    What? Happiness is what? My ending to that statement changes from one end of the spectrum to another frequently. The ending that has returned time, and time again, is ‘serenity’ and it is again. Oh, I have gone through phases where it would have been winning the lottery, meeting my soul mate, getting a good report from the doctor just once, and trading my happiness for my children and grandchildren to be happy forever. Serenity is still my choice when I have everything I need in life. The job is back in full swing shortly, my writing and posting time will diminish drastically, but I will focus on serenity as my number one goal. The book is outlined and coming together wonderfully so I can relax and prioritize for just a bit longer. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend, and I will be back on here frequently with tips I find, and frustrations that appear. Til later 🙂


Happiness is…

A 5am wake up to a brand new 5 star review on Me and My Bacon! Woohoo!! Raspberry cupcake and Dr. Pepper celebration here! Have a great day everyone!

The grand idea

I’ve spent weeks working on this book and just recreated chapter one completely! I was on my morning walk and the idea just struck from nowhere! Gotta love this cool, crisp air! I fussed while my computer took its time booting up, grabbed my pen and paper and wrote out a new chapter one while it came to life! Nothing like having to insert a new chapter one and renumber the other chapters… Revisions are crazy!

Interesting sites for writers pt2

I spend a bit of free time searching for websites to help in my writing and publishing. I found a few more that are interesting and offer some good advice.




I don’t endorse, nor am I paid by any of these sites, I just found them interesting and am passing them along in case they may be of use to others!

Have a great day! 🙂

Busy busy

4:30 Edits, edits, edits!  5:30 Write  6:30 Edits, and more edits LOLO It’s 8 now, coffee wearing off and brain losing charge! LOLOL I just ran out of ink in my pen and it was a mad dash to find just one of the zillion pens tucked all over the house! Time for another coffee! This afternoon is pottery day with my daughters, should be very interesting! Have a great day everyone! 🙂

Friday fun day

Yeah for Friday! This is my have fun, don’t stress day. My Mom and I use fun day to get our supplies and spend some time being silly. Everyone needs a day to just relax and have some fun no matter what is going on around them. Have a great day everyone!

Sci Fi

One of the original missions I was on, was to create one novel in each genre over my lifetime. I have come to accept that I will not be able to do a horror novel; I’m just too big of a sissy to finish it 🙂 I’m currently in the middle of a contemporary fiction novel and when I complete it this year, I want to do a Sci Fi novel. When I take a brain break from my current work, I find myself surfing for information on Sci Fi. I just came across this site  http://www.seventhsanctum.com/www/wwwfull.html  and it looks promising. I still have one more book to research for after the current one is completed, but it has taken a back burner for a while, so I don’t suppose it would hurt anything to skip past it this once. 🙂 The brain wants what the brain wants.