Wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I will be on a shut-in writing hiatus until New Year’s Day. Have a safe and happy holiday everyone!


Strike while the iron is hot…

Been hard at it on a new novel. Striking while the iron is hot and the ideas are flowing. I’ll be back soon but for now, dedication is the key! Enjoy the week everyone!

Stories in dreams

This has been an incredible year for my stories. I have been sidelined in the current writes due to a dream. Viewing a photo was the simple catalyst that began this new work. I have pushed the two partially complete scripts to the side for now. This new work is writing itself, I am only holding the pen, and I could no more stop it from evolving than I could stop breathing. I suppose that is a good thing, but like it or not, write it I will. May be a delay in posts until the paper is gorged, but I will return here soon.


One of the things that has been the hardest for me is marketing. While I am a social person at heart, learning to utilize all of the outlets available has been tough. Tips and ideas on how to market abound, and it’s overwhelming at times.
When you choose to self publish for whatever reason, writing is the easy part. You have worked for weeks, months, or perhaps even years on your story. You’ve gone over it with a fine tooth comb and it’s spiffed and polished. You find just the right cover to catch the reader’s eye. Now, publish, and wait… Crickets. Nothing happens. No one sees your work in rising sea of options.
Then comes the hard part, you learn that you should have built up your audience, done a pre-release packet, gotten beta readers to send your work to for reviews, then voila – release party.
Oops! So now, the work is out there along with the other hundreds of works that released at the same time yours did. Suddenly, everyone is posting that their work isn’t selling. No one is looking; no one is buying. Now what?
You start researching, for hours…
What I learned from doing things backwards is, get your name out there first. Build your ‘brand’, get your audience, build the following, and then release, and hope there is interest among the masses to allow you a foothold.
Our forums are full of authors giving up, cutting their losses, and moving on. That hurts me to hear that. I think they lost the reason they wrote in the first place – the love of creating a work that will outlive you. I write because I can’t imagine not doing so. I write because the stories flow in my dreams, my thoughts, and my days. I will be writing until no more stories flow.
I may have done things backwards, and I am still learning the ropes, but I believe that in time, things will work out. Rome wasn’t built in a day; my ‘brand’ wasn’t either.
So I followed the tips from the wonderful people that help daily. I have a website, an author page on Smashwords, Amazon, Goodreads, etc. I am on twitter with a thousand followers or so, I have a Facebook author page. I have my blog here as well. I did things backwards, and I am okay with that. I will keep working on marketing and I will keep writing. I hear that until a year or two ago, that was all you needed, but now everyone is in the same boat. So we should support one another, and make friends along the way. We write because we love it and at the end of the day, we rest easy.

Newest Release

I participated in NaNoWriMo this year and survived! LOL

My NaNo book is a Young Adult Fiction work titled Me and My Bacon

   Struggling to deal with her mother’s indifference, and the emotional turbulence of being a teen, Mera’s world is hard enough already. Her world is turned upside down by her mother’s abrupt decision to rip her from her fast-paced city life in L.A., to the backwoods of Vermont. Can she find a way to fit in and acclimate to her new world without losing who she really is?

This e-book has been accepted to participate in a campaign for publishing through Kindle Scout. Kindle Scout is Amazon’s reader powered publishing division. If you have an Amazon account and would like to take a look at this novel the link is listed below. If this novel interests you, please click Nominate Me. If my book is published you will receive a pre-release copy to read and review if you nominated.

My campaign is live here: https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/14AGRFIF3D2MU

Thank you for supporting Indie Authors!

When my brain dreams up a story that my words can’t do justice to

Nothing worse than having an incredible story line come to you in a dream but you are unable to capture the intricacies of it on paper.
My brain is working overtime right now, and I’m outlining as best I can, but nothing I write seems to come out like I want it to. I have more red lines and notes in the edges of the outline than I have storyline for the idea so far.
No frappucino in sight, too many chocolate donuts consumed, my morning walk interrupted by this story, and still no clear usable outline…
Sometimes, creativity isn’t my friend… 😦