Security and pirates.

There has been much discussion about the www with security and piracy issues. I am not sure there is really any way that you can for certain keep your works safe. You can register your works with the copyright site but that is only for US, internationally there is no way to protect them. All you can do is try to stick with reputable sites, and keep your fingers crossed. There will always be someone who will try to profit from the hard works of others, that is a fact.


2nd childhood on paper…

Well, I’ve made it. I’ve matured, found myself, blah, blah, blah. So how does a mature (no age given) woman become an emotional teenager again. Hm, good question. The current works in progress both represent the POV of a teen girl. Oh boy, teen girl, do I remember those years. I strived hard to outgrow the tantrums, the dramatic “the world is ending and I’m taking everyone down with me” mentality. LOL Now, I am writing a suspense and a separate young adult genre book from the very POV that I fought to get out of! Insanity to try to relive a 2nd childhood on paper for all the world to read? Yes, absolutely. Here’s to the roller coaster of emotions pouring out to live forever on the web… 🙂 Have a great day!

He said, she said… adding tags (confused and researching)

One thing I am still struggling with is adding tags. The boring old after quote he said, she said routine. I’m researching better ways to identify the speaker than just saying the same thing over and over. I get conflicting opinions. Some say, “change the word said to something vibrant, such as ‘he shrieked’ etc.” Some say, that shows poor skills, always use say/said/says. I am unsure what the best approach is, but this is my mission this week, to find better ways to add tags.


I have of late, had some trouble concentrating. It isn’t as bad as writer’s block, but it is definitely detrimental to the creative process. Hurricanes, floods, etc. pretty much overwhelmed my thought process this weekend. Somehow, I shifted gears from a suspense mode to a lighter mode. Is it bad to have two entirely different works underway at the same time? Does it affect the work to break away and change gears for a while then return, or does that “crack the magic thought train” of the process? We shall see…

Graphically incompetent

Write what you know… Heard it a million times. Expand your horizons, go outside your comfort zone… Heard it a million times too. When you are a tad squeamish about graphic representations, how can you possibly create those scenes on paper? That is the dilemma. The only way to get that true gut reaction on paper to is feel it yourself. That next step to keeping my eyes OPEN during a grisly movie scene is going to be tough! Maybe during Halloween I will try to watch a scene or two and write down what I felt : ) maybe not!

Synonyms, Adverbs, Punctuation, Oh MY!

Long ago, and far away, and once upon a time… The many, many years ago in school, I learned all about these things then quickly went on my way to life. Not so many years ago, I paid professors to re-teach these things in college. Yet here I am today, still relying on my trusty thesaurus and dictionary! LOLOL Am I the only writer out there that still relies on these antiques? No shame here 🙂


What motivates people to do the things they do? I have to just sit back and shake my head sometimes when the news is on… For the majority of my life, I have considered motivation to be something for a positive goal, it appears that is no longer true these days. My motivation for writing is very clear. My children and grandchildren are my motivation for many things in life. I am motivated to write by the continual waves of storylines whirling around in my brain. The ideas never stop flowing. My hope is that someday, this will all form something special for my grandchildren and their grandchildren to have and hold. 🙂