Family tree wall

I am really into genealogy, and wanted to honor my ancestors by creating a large family tree wall.  I chose the main wall in my dining room/kitchen for this very personal tribute.

I have a copper backsplash behind my stove and copper accents throughout my kitchen, and in this tiny trailer colors really need to tie together, so I chose this wall as my accent wall. 

I used 1 coat of Kilz to cover directly over the vinyl wallboard, created a chair rail out of quarter round plastic moulding and glass tiles, and painted the wall a copper canyon satin wall paint (Behr).

I chose several colors including beige and brown to paint the trunk and branches of the tree. I overwashed this with kilz mixed with copper glaze to soften it down.  I added a few accents with the brown, such as knots, etc., then sponged on leaves made only from copper glaze (Martha Stewart from Home Depot). Be careful, it tends to dry VERY slowly and it runs, I had a lot of touch ups needed to remove the dripping glaze, but it was easy.

I printed out tiny 2inch oval pictures of my ancestors and little 1/2 inch blocks with ancestors names, cut them all out and used a wash of plain Elmers Glue and a tiny paintbrush to glue them to the painted wall.

I love my tribute wall, took only a few days for drying time 🙂


Family tree wall finished

Family tree wall finished

after painting the tree trunk in several mixes of white and copper glaze, as well as sponging on copper glaze only leafs, and adding ancestor pictures and names

Hall bath mirror makeover

I wanted to bring my tiny hall bath into the current trends, but the budget has limits folks LOLOL

I started with 2 sheets each of a Copper glass tile (mini squares) and White glass tile (mini squares) that I bought from Home Depot at 4 dollars a sheet.   I got a tube of DAP Quick seal plus premium kitchen and bath adhesive in clear.  I cleaned the mirror and let dry. I peeled off the tiny individual tiles from 1 sheet each color and used the DAP (comes out white but dries clear) to glue each copper tile on the outer border of the mirror adding a row inside of those with white tiles.  Voila! cheap cost huge effect!